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1. How long will it take to get my order?

We aim to get it to your doorstep within 3-7 business days if you are located in India and 7-15 business days if you are anywhere else on Earth. It may take longer to process bulk orders, in which case our team will constantly be in touch with you.

2. Do you ship globally? 

Yes, we offer worldwide shipping. We have also arranged for our third-party logistics partner to take care of all customs related formalities for you. Our objective is to get you your order in the most seamless way possible no matter which country you are in. In case of any additional shipping charges, we will let you know in advance.

3.  What are the shipping charges?

Impacto offers free shipping across India on orders above INR 999! In cases where additional shipping charges may apply, we will let you know in advance.

4.  Can I return my product?

We accept returns & exchanges on all domestic sales upto a period of 7 days after you have received your order. Returns & exchanges shall also apply if a product is received in a damaged or defective condition, or if an incorrect delivery has been made. If you wish to return a product within 7 days of receiving it, or you happen to receive a damaged or defective product, or if the wrong product has been delivered to you, please email us at [email protected] with your order number, purchase receipt, detailed reason for return or exchange, and photographs of the product. We will work to resolve your issue within 7 days.

5.  Can the product be customised?

We offer customisations such as personalisation in bulk orders on specific items such as merchandise, office supplies, etc. We will be pleased to talk to you on a call or communicate over email on [email protected] if you have any specific requests.

6.  How does Impacto choose its vendors?

Impacto applies proprietory verification frameworks to vet brands and their products for true sustainability and impact in line with global best practices and environmental standards. We aim to provide a seamless planet-positive shopping experience for you.

7.  Can I order items in bulk?

Yes, you can order products in bulk, for which a few of our promises, like the time of delivery may differ, but we will ensure you get your choice of sustainable products, as many and as soon as possible.

8.  How can I track my order?

You can easily track your order using the tracking link in the email sent by our third party logistics partner after you've placed your order. Upon successful delivery to you, we will consider the order complete and eagerly await your next one.

9.  How does Impacto help the environment?

Every product sold on Impacto is truly sustainable and ethically-made. Every order on Impacto is carbon-neutral. We offset the carbon emissions associated with each order by investing in reforestation initiatives and clean energy programs through partnerships with other climate-first organisations. Our objective is to help you reduce your carbon footprint whenever you shop with us.

10.  Is the sale price inclusive of everything?

The price shown in INR for domestic sales in India is inclusive of Goods & Services Tax (GST). We bear the shipping charges for each retail sale in India above INR 999. The price shown in other currencies is inclusive of shipping charges, duties and taxes. In exceptional cases where additional shipping charges may apply, we will let you know in advance.